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Double Chin Reduction Injections Melbourne

Schedule a comprehensive consultation with our practitioners to assess your concerns, suitability for the procedure, and explore the pros and cons of treatment for you. We do recommend patients to take the day off work following the treatment. The following images have been supplied by Allergan, the local supplier of the product used in the treatment, to give us an idea of what is achievable. Double Chin treatment treatments are customised for each patient to suit one’s anatomy and circumstances.
A non surgical chin augmentation uses dermal fillers to reshape the chin. It can improve facial balance and jawline definition, correct asymmetry, improve a double chin and add projection to a weak or small chin. Chin dermal fillers also improve the side profile by bringing the nose and lips into balance. We have other effective options face fillers Melbourne for spot-fat removal, including fat-dissolving injections and Trusculpt. We tend to prefer liposuction over other methods because it offers us the greatest control over results for this important facial profile area. Excess chin fat can be difficult to remove even with traditional ways to lose weight like diets and exercise.

If you have an active infection of the skin under the chin then you cannot have treatment. If you have a lot of loose skin under the chin then it may not be effective. – We recommend at least 2 treatments of at least 2 vials to see results. It is a non surgical treatment with an acceptable side effect profile.
What may crop up as you age is sagging neck skin or platysma bands that protrude, which are treated differently. Liposuction on the chin and neck area is a fatty-deposit removal solution. Chin liposuction is a surgical procedure, albeit a small one with a short recovery period, performed as a day procedure at our Melbourne clinic. Chin liposuction is a simple, quick procedure that can make a huge difference to your facial profile. The chin is an area that demarcates our face in ways that you can’t fake or cover up with makeup.

Genetic means that there will be a minimum amount of fat in the under the chin area. No matter how much you diet and exercise, many find that this fat will not shift or shrink. Fat-dissolving injections can be a great treatment to safely and effectively reduce the fat under the chin area. Injecting the chin with dermal fillers is the perfect option for those wanting to look more defined and feel more confident. When you use the best fillers for a chin augmentation, you can achieve balanced, natural yet noticeable results that improve your side profile, jawline definition and lower face.
But now there is a double chin treatment option that can reduce the visible signs of a double chin. Discover the new non-surgical treatment, available now from The DOC Clinic in Melbourne. Swelling around the treated area – swelling is common, and a sign that the treatment is successfully breaking down fat cells.
As a result, the cells breakdown and release their fatty contents. This breakthrough non-invasive double chin treatment provides another option to the growing number of patients wanting to address this stubborn area. These double chin injections provide patients with treatment options beyond invasive procedures. When performed correctly, double chin fat dissolving injections should have almost no discomfort whatsoever.Dr. Aaron ensures that you have as little discomfort as possible during your double chin injections.

Temporary numbness – This does not happen to all patients but will usually wear off within 30 days. If the area does not swell at all you should contact your practitioner. You will be given instructions on how to care for the area after the treatment. You can apply ice for 5 minutes at a time but it’s better to minimise the use of ice in order to allow the treatment to work.
As an invasive treatment, it can go straight to the heart of the issue and deal with it, letting you enjoy the results within a week. Kybella is better if you do not want to deal with any downtime or scars. This procedure gradually causes your fat to dissolve, taking several weeks or even months. You can expect chin liposuction to take around 3-4 hours or almost twice as long as traditional liposuction. This extra time is because a double chin typically has more fat than most areas, requiring additional time to address.
We help Australian men and women achieve beautiful skin and confidence through a large range of Laser, Skin and Cosmetic treatments. We recommend taking an anti-inflammatory tablet on the morning of the treatment unless there are medical reasons not to take anti-inflammatories. This allows us to apply to temporary grid under the chin and reduces the risk of infection from treatment. Men tend to have a larger treatment area so may need 3 or 4 vials per treatment compared to an average of 2 vials per treatment for women. If men use more vials per treatment, they are likely to see slightly more swelling after the treatment. After 4 years of treating hundreds of patients at Cityskin, we have not affected the smile muscle in any of our patients.

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