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Canberra’s Best Car Detailers

They did our ’09 Toyota Kluger on sat’ 5th Feb and it looks absolutely amazing. Bought the car 2 days earlier & it was a family car so it was trashed but CANBRO brought it to life. We understand your love for your car and we are passionate about it too. Our team at Mach1 Detailing Specialists are car enthusiasts and are highly skilled through years of experience. We provide a personalised service, making sure your car gets the best treatment possible. Give them a call today and find out why you should choose MACH1 Detailing Specialists for all your car wash and detailing needs.
In addition, regular detailing can also help to maintain the value of your car. If you ever decide to sell or trade in your vehicle, a well-maintained car coating service car will always fetch a higher price than one that has been neglected. We have the knowledge and expertise to do the job right.

With three vans on the road, an exclusive online booking system and thousands of satisfied customers, Xquisit Car Detailing is a top choice for outstanding results.
We have a pick-up, drop-off service ranging from $0 – $50. Or we can come to your home or office anywhere in the Canberra area with our mobile car detailing service. For over 11 years, MACH1 Detailing Specialists has washed and detailed vehicles guaranteeing complete satisfaction. Cost-effective services include two wash and polish services, a detailing service, concourse service, and custom packages for boats and heavy vehicles. Large-scale services are available and MACH1 Detailing Specialists handles unique enquiries.
Car washes offer exterior and interior cleans at different levels of thoroughness, but there are services that only detailers offer. For example, a car wash won’t repair damaged material inside your car, or fix chipped paint. Car detailing is more focused on reconditioning and restoration than car washing. Car detailing, also known as auto-detailing, is one of the best ways to keep your car in tip-top condition. Beyond a basic car wash and vacuum, car detailers use specialist tools, products and techniques to recondition and restore vehicles. A cut & polish, also known as paint correction, is the best way to bring your cars paint back to life, looking its best again.

By fast the best detailers are Rick and Jane at Advanced Car Detailers underneath the Shell service station at Curtin Shops. The specialise in high quality detailing and I have never been dissapointed with there work over the past 12 years. Following RA research last year, I bought a gift voucher for Mr Padoof from Ace car detailing. Lovely young family struggling with two young children with significant illnesses. They honoured the detail from their house after a few months of toing and froing. Turns out that one child has coeliacs and the other a brain tumour…makes you realise how lucky you are when you hear how horrid some families have it.
There are many, many people from Canberra who take the time to travel down for their services. Just be aware that Waves list on their “menu” that they use Armorall. If you dont apply it regularly thereafter and let it dries out then you can start getting cracks in your dashboard. Just had my car done a few weeks ago by Mach1 detailing Specialists.

At the end of the day, our goal is to deliver honest, precise, and affordable car wash and paint services that will make your vehicle beautiful from the inside, out. All detailing packages include thorough car wash services, vacuum, polish, tyre shine and window treatment, plus a range of extra features that are available to meet your needs and budget. These include buffing, engine bay, wheel arches, glass polish, and paint sealant – plus specialty services such as ceramic coating of paintwork and interior protection. Diamond Detail is the number one destination for car wash services in Canberra and much more.
They just did my car they didnt do the windscreen, the side windows or the front grill…still full of bug crap. They even forgot the clean around the rear handle of the boot, the toyota sign is still encrusted with dirt. Recommended on the basis of fixing paint damage specifically – noticed you mentioned cut & polish. They did a walk around the car with me to point out any damage or any concerns that i had and then they started with the cleaning. And as i said before it looked like it had just came off the showroom floor.

To make it easy for you, they have three mobile vans on the road that come to you so you don’t have to worry about leaving your car anywhere and organising transportation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed at Platinum Hand Car Wash & Detailing when you choose them to detail your car. The Ultimate™ Protection for your vehicle featuring the cutting-edge NanoTechnology.
You can get the important tasks done, and have total peace of mind knowing that your car is in an expert detailers hands receiving the treatment it has been longing for. I have since gotten a detail from DMS detailing in Sydney, comes down every now and then, he did a fantastic job, same price, but the car looked brand new, not just washed. I will never use them again, flooded my engine electrics and cpu with water, damaged my car then tried to blame me, did not buff all the polish off the paint – then would not fix it after. I paid $300 and may as well have taken the car through a service station wash.
Our automotive enthusiasts boast 25 years of experience as well as an extensive list of satisfied clients. Some of these include car detailing, car window tinting, and car ceramic coating in Canberra. We offer a number of cost-effective packages for you to choose from. Contact us today for our affordable car detail services in Canberra.

Enzo Auto Detailing are one of Canberra’s leading businesses in the industry, offering expert paint protection films, ceramic coating, windows tinting and vinyl wrapping. Some detailers also offer additional services, such as headlight restoration or engine detailing. No matter what services they provide, car detailers strive to make every vehicle look its best.
With our variety of service options, you can carry on with your day and have total peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of Canberra’s best team of detailers. I have had my car detailed by Ace Detailing in Queanbeyan a number of times a top rate job. I have had my car cleaned by others they have young teenagers cleaning cars that seem to don’t give a hoot about your car. Ace have only two people working there and they own the business. It’s a piece of putty like stuff that you rub gently over you paintwork with a cleaning solution to remove dirt that has become embedded into the paint. Your car needs to be already really clean before you use it, otherwise it will scratch the paint.

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