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Kafka said that writing was like an axe breaking through a frozen sea.Disgrace was this kind of book. It left part of me in shards and splinters, part of me exhilarated. Bit by bit I noticed that Coetzee was breaking frozen seas everywhere, but he was doing so with special tools and in particular accents. To a scholar trained in German literature and thought and already mid-way through a career in literary studies, many of these accents seemed quite familiar.
Felicity had already seen the photos of their Caribbean cruise and now they were driving themselves up the coast to New York. Suzie had rung this morning Flag Accessories via WhatsApp to sing her happy birthday all the way from Jacksonville, Florida. Her brilliant smile and animated words had filled the room.

Seaver was having memory problems by then, and Harrelson was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. But on the last day of the trip, they caught Seaver on a good day. They ate lunch together and Seaver showed them around his vineyard. It was two years before the ’69 Mets 50-year reunion, and Shamsky had decided to write a book.
Many of the ICWA’s requirements are based on a recognition of this sovereign right to make decisions concerning the care and custody of tribal children. However, Australia’s Aboriginal communities do not enjoy recognized sovereignty. Consequently, to evaluate the feasibility of an Australian ICWA I needed to determine how the ICWA’s assumption of Indigenous sovereignty, particularly the provisions requiring transfer to tribal court, could work in Australia. Fulbright Scholars are unlikely to express this sort of global sentiment when we describe our individual Fulbright experiences.
That, along with coffee and breakfast, got him to about 9 a.m. His wife played canasta with her friends on the computer, and that kept her occupied, but Kranepool felt isolated. Around summertime, in the height of the pandemic, Swoboda worried about his country. He thought about the divisiveness and the struggle between fact and fiction on the internet. They stayed indoors, had their groceries delivered and limited her outdoor trips to grabbing the paper and the mail.

“I haven’t seen it since you did this back extension, and the deck is fabulous. I can picture us having a few post tennis sessions here.” Pam clutched a glass of champagne and as her arm swept out in a dramatic arc it connected with a man just stepping up onto the deck. “Happy birthday, Felicity.” Humphrey from next door drew her into a bear hug and planted one of his sloppy kisses on her cheek. She’d organised this special night to the last detail, a combined celebration for her fiftieth birthday and the completion of the renovations.
Receiving a Fulbright was—and remains—one of the proudest moments of my life. I am still grateful to those who chose me for this incredible experience, but to this day I still sometimes think that the committee got it wrong. Suffering from a massive bout of ‘imposter syndrome’, I initially thought that they had mislabelled the envelopes when I received my award.

On the day of the wedding he’d been grumpy, oozing disapproval of the goings-on, as he’d called it, as Felicity and her bridesmaids, were getting ready. Just before they’d been due to leave for the church he’d gone out for a walk – to clear his head, he’d declared. They hadn’t been bothered until the photographer was tapping his toes waiting to take the standard father–daughter photos. June had been the one to track him down and drag him home to walk his daughter down the aisle. They’d arrived fifteen minutes late to the church and for the rest of the day her father had told anyone who’d listen it was because Felicity had been disorganised with her preparations and the household had been carrying on like a bunch of chooks. The speaker sat on the polished shelf below their wall-mounted television in the big open-plan family room that stretched almost the full width of the back of the house.
I was overwhelmed by offers of research collaborations and learned the true extent to the possibilities afforded by the Fulbright brand. I didn’t realise at that time how much—in the middle of a Boston blizzard—I would come to crave that sun-drenched sand of South Beach. I had never even seen snow let alone trudged through it up to my knees.

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