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Discounts may be the easiest thing to demand, but they are by no means the most valuable. And focusing on them makes it harder to have constructive conversations about efficiency, creativity, or responsiveness. To address the real pain points in how companies consume legal services today, law departments must move quickly past Procurement 101 to more-sophisticated strategies. With excess capacity, technology, and new competitors all shifting power to corporations, it’s not surprising that many of them have renegotiated terms with their law firms. In most cases, however, the firms’ concessions have come in the form of discounted rates, which are by their nature limited and unsustainable.
Dunham & Jones gives their clients affordable prices for their cases and offers payment plans. We will do everything possible to work our low lawyers fees and payment plans around your budget. We’ve reached a point of informed national consensus, and it’s high time for lawmakers to listen.

We can help manage the time-crunch, at least when it comes to your personal tax situation and transition into partnership, so that you can focus on your billable hours. Outside the U.S., investment products and services are provided by other Citigroup affiliates. Investment Management services are available through CGMI, Citi Advisory, Citibank, N.A. For lawyers, we support your evolving financial needs throughout your legal career. A lawyer shall not permit a person who recommends, employs, or pays the lawyer to render legal services for another to direct or regulate the lawyer’s professional judgment in rendering such legal services.
We also regularly host unique events to provide networking opportunities with like-minded peers and industry experts. The Texas criminal justice system is intended to protect our communities, but it’s not perfect. Exaggerated or false charges of Sexual Assault can send an innocent person to prison for lengthy periods of time and seriously affect their future. When subjectivity becomes involved in a case, objectivity can easily go out the door. The judge or jury may unfortunately be swayed by emotional evidence against your innocence, especially if you do not have an experienced sex crimes attorney on your team. Dunham & Jones was voted Best Law Firm by the Daily Texan, and has been recognized as leading attorneys by both Time and Newsweek magazines.
Use this directory to locate your appropriate contact based on where your firm is located. Secure logins, public resources – everything you need to quickly get to the information you need. Framing the conversation like this helps avoid arguments about whether contract paralegals or offshore legal-process outsourcing providers are “safe enough.” Instead it gets everyone talking about what factors would make each choice best for the matter at hand. Stoel Rives LLP is proud to be a member of the TerraLex network of attorneys. The best way for you to inquire regarding possible representation is to telephone one of our attorneys. They are involved in everything from buying a home, to writing a will, to prosecuting and defending criminals.

The firm has a particularly robust litigation practice and has been lauded for its focus on innovation. The firm advises some of the nation’s biggest market players in media law, securities and antitrust class actions, patent infringement cases, white collar defense matters, and federal and state appeals. The firm attracts friendly, outgoing types who are supportive of their colleagues and enjoy socializing. YOUR INNOVATIONS DESERVE DEFENSE You know you need to protect your business vision. Put our energy to work for you Diverse energy clients rely on our industry acumen, regulatory know-how and litigation prowess. PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER From Day 1 to deal closing, we guide businesses through the complexities of mergers and acquisitions.
If you are seeking a large firm—we’re talking more than 1,000 lawyers across 21 offices—that boasts a welcoming, respectful atmosphere, McGuireWoods may be the place for you. Teamwork is key at this full-service firm, which also highly values pro bono work. McGuireWoods regularly serves clients in the automotive, banking and financial services, chemical, energy resources, food processing, general manufacturing, government, health care, insurance, real estate, technology and telecom, and transportation industries.

Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic From employment questions to contract issues, our team is prepared to tackle a range of COVID-19 concerns. We can provide you with banking facilities, home finance, help you meet education costs, build your investment portfolio, shape your financial strategy and structure your wealth. Dunham & Jones has the experience and resources that are ready to stand between you and a wrongful conviction. Helping you navigate legal and business issues arising out of the COVID-19 virus. Your contributions are making a difference in Washington, D.C. With your support, the Pro Bono Center’s innovative clinics, court-based resource centers, and projects will help more than 20,000 District residents living in poverty. So many lawyers want out that there are consultants and coaches who specialize in getting them pointed in a new direction.
The FisherBroyles model provides clarity to “origination” and converts it to equity for the originating partner. The firm’s unique model also benefits clients by freeing up lawyers from firm rack rates and allowing them billing flexibility, reducing turnover, promoting firm stability, and creating a collaborative firm culture. The firm’s non-discretionary compensation model addresses and solves the equal pay issue that is so important to historically underrepresented groups.

We are the bar-endorsed Lawyers Professional Liability insurer in Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania, as well as the endorsed insurer of other city and county bar associations. We understand the unique challenges and insurance needs for lawyers from Lawyers Professional Liability to other property and casualty insurance, including Cyber Liability, Management Liability, as well as Workers Compensation, Automobile, Umbrella and more. Attorney-client relationships, privileged in the law and idealized in fiction, are supposed to be built on a foundation of trust. Yet most rely on a zero-sum financial arrangement under which the longer one side works on a matter, the more the other has to pay.
Similarly, students in Professor John Coates’s M&A class work in preassigned, self-organized teams throughout the semester to deliver group-based practical exercises on preliminary deal negotiations, design of a sales process and deal financing. Teams are encouraged to divide tasks, work collaboratively to draw on different skill sets and discuss current and future work projects. It is also not merely more work from the client—it is also more sophisticated work. That is in part because cross-specialty work is likely to be less subject to price-based competition.
The LLP is taxed as a partnership while enjoying the liability protection of a corporation. The firm has a unique economic model where lawyers keep 80% of matters they originate and bill . Partners receive 32% origination credit for work performed exclusively by a colleague. The fee is recurring for as long as the client and originating partner remain with the firm.

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