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Outdoor Signage In Melbourne

Neon and fluorescent lights contain gases that can leak and ultimately lead to failure. LED lights, by contrast, can often provide up to 10,000 hours of use, which equates to a life of five years or more. They work well even in harsh outdoor environments and don’t need protection from the weather. All in all, this leads to reduced maintenance, which can be particularly important if display screens are mounted in places that are difficult to access. For more information on Litemax’s range of Spanpixel wide aspect ratio LCD monitors, please download the attached catalogue. These are well suited to installations where there is limited space and are also available in high brightness options suited to high ambient environments.
Our touch screen displays offer user friendly interfaces that integrate effortlessly over Windows or Mac OS. The display resembles a giant tablet with an added layer of plasma treatment for extra protection. Our screens don’t lose dahua thermal body temperature any brightness or contrast regardless of their viewing angle. Our intelligent PCAP touch screen tech gives users an experience similar to that of a smartphone, with a healthy list of touch commands and gestures at your disposal.

LED trailer advertising screens are a perfect way to attract new business and upsell existing products or services. With our range of outdoor mobile colour LED signs, you will be able to maximise your exposure to passing traffic and tap into new customers with high bright and clear messaging. Hiring an outdoor mobile colour LED sign is the cheapest way to create an impact on audiences for any sales event or promotion. As a sales business, you simply cannot afford to ignore the benefits and advantages that LED hire trailers can offer in comparison to other outdoor displays.
You can easily incorporate graphics and text of varying colours and sizes. Messages can be changed when required, even scheduled for different days and times, so they provide up-to-date information to relevant people and to one or more screens. Directional & Information Signs have previously meant using static signage to get the message across. For more information on the Navpixel range of Marine grade range of displays, please download the attached brochure. For more information on Hyundai’s range of high brightness LCD monitors, please click for more information.

At the sharp end of your signage project, Claude Neon ensures you receive the highest quality manufacture and install. Our established relationships with leading manufacturers combined with our knowledge of the latest in materials, technology and manufacturing techniques guarantees the outcome of the manufacture process, every time. Now more than ever before, it is incredibly important for businesses and their brands to shine brighter than competitors and stand out from the proverbial pack.
For more information on Philips’ range of commercial LCD monitors, please download the attached catalogue. This includes the cost effective Q-Line series incorporating Ambilight and the E-Line series designed for 24/7 operation in landscape and portrait. The range of commercial lcd monitors we offer from Sharp, Philips and Litemax are suited to a wide range of applications and installations. At Manuco Electronics, we support a broad range of Digital Signage Solutions for businesses across Australia. Our digital sign options include commercial LCD monitors and video walls, Outdoor LCD Monitors, Digital Kiosks, Interactive LCDs, and hospitality and hotel televisions.
Self ordering kiosks have completely readjusted the way we handle our retail pay systems. Our state of the art units will do more than just save your business money. Features include an integrated QR Scanner and an inkless thermal printer.

The amount of time they are typically on varies anywhere from a couple of hours a day to 24/7 and 365 days a year. Because of this, there a wide variety of commercial displays built for different types of applications and environments. At Hexagon Valley, we specialise in digital signage, interactive touch screens, video walls and security camera systems. We aim to provide a turnkey solution to the most common audio visual technologies requested by our clients. All our digital signage solutions also have the option to be accompanied by our SignDirector software, allowing complete content management control from anywhere in the world through a simple to use web interface. Designed with your brand in mind our LCD kiosks come in indoor and outdoor versions.
With our solutions for outdoor signage in Melbourne, you can enhance the image of your brand and promote your business. Offering almost unlimited flexibility, our digital signage solutions can be adapted to almost any size, shape or curve. Standard displays offer vibrant displays for at-home media consumption, but they’re poorly suited to commercial applications for a number of reasons. First, standard displays lack the flexibility of commercial displays, which can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation, as well as combined to form multi-screen displays.

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