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The fee consists actually of the credit company’s commission and also the local sales tax/VAT. Even if you pay cash, you normally don’t get an official receipt, as then the seller would have to report & pay their taxes in full. If you ask for a receipt or « fa piao », you will get it but you may need to pay 3-5% 台東名產特產 more. Most hotels and department stores accept credit cards, generally Visa and Master Card as well as JCB. Most restaurants and small stores do not accept cards, and cash is the main form of payment. Because street crime is rare, it is common for people in Taiwan to carry large amounts of cash with them.
This is especially true for Cantonese cuisine, as demonstrated by the lack of Cantonese speakers on the island. The Taiwanese are also passionately in love with eggs and seafood, as you will discover during your stay on the island. A wide range of fruits can be found at local fruit shops and stations. Actually you can find almost every kind of fruits you can think of in Taiwan. While Taiwanese themselves don’t generally hitchhike, foreigners who have done so say that it was very easy. The East coast around Hualien and Taitung enjoys a reputation for being especially good for getting rides.

By clicking on one of the regions below we can take you on a tour of some of the worlds most famous distilleries and give you a chance to purchase some of the finest single malt in the world posted straight to your front door. Whether you’re in the market for a HASA mountain bike, road bike, foldable bike, or something specific, you’ll find it in Cycling Deal’s online store. It’s our aim to provide a wide selection of premiumcycling merchandiseat bargain prices.
Several Taiwanese players have also gone on to successful careers in the U.S and Japanese Major League Baseball and the Taiwanese national baseball team is considered to be one of the strongest in the world. Legend has it that on this day, a woman known as Chang E swallowed some divine pills to prevent her power hungry husband from becoming immortal. Afraid of being killed by her husband, she fled to the moon and it is believed that the moon shines brightest on this day. This is when many lanterns will be put up for decoration in various parks and shops, which is quite a beautiful sight.

Otherwise, scooters are generally easy to rent in most major cities, with many such places being conveniently located near railway or bus stations. Most usually require some form of identification even if, in some cases, it consists of your expired Blockbuster video card! The average price you may expect is $400 for 24 hours, this includes one or two helmets.
About The Distillery This distillery is known to use mainly Scottish whisky and whisky from other parts of the world to blend the bottles they produce. The distillery also known as the Kurayoshi Distillery was Founded in 1910 and is located in the Tottori Prefecture, Northwest of Kyoto and Northeast of Hiroshima, on the shore of the Sea of Japan. Matsui Shuzo is known in Japan as both a sake brewery and shochu distillery. The whisky is then watered down with the famously soft ground waters of Tottori Prefecture.

Quite a few people, especially in Taipei, are proficient in Japanese due to the high number of Japanese visitors. Staff for tourist attractions such as the Taipei 101, museums, hotels, popular restaurants and airport shops speak Japanese in addition to English, Mandarin and other local languages. In fact, if you are a visitor of East Asian descent who cannot understand Chinese, when a worker realizes this he or she may try speaking to you in Japanese before trying English. In addition to this, some older people still understand and speak Japanese having lived through the fifty year period of Japanese rule. While known for being a major player in the bicycle industry , until fairly recently, bicycles in Taiwan were considered an unwanted reminder of less prosperous times.
If you’re buying domestic it’s best to go to tourist hangouts to buy your stuff as you might be saddled with Chinese documentation otherwise. Also, notebooks are typically only available with a Chinese and English keyboard. The festival falls on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month , and is marked by races of colorful dragon boats at various locations throughout the island. Many people think of Taiwan as a grimy, densely populated industrial island, and you may well maintain this perception if you only stick to the densely populated West Coast. However, for those who take time to venture to the more sparesely populated East Coast will quickly find that Taiwan is actually home to some stunning landscapes. The Taroko Gorge (太魯é?£) near Hualien in particular is very impressive, and should not be missed by any tourists.
Intercity buses are called keyun, as opposed to gongchewhich run within the county and city. Buses run by private companies are generally more luxurious (often boasting wide, soft seats, foot-rests and individual video screens) than those run by government-owned companies. Still, even the government-owned buses are comfortable, punctual, and maintain clean facilities on board.

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