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This finish makes for an effect similar to that of an oiled floor, but with simpler maintenance. It still does fantastic work in protecting your floor, although it will require occasional maintenance including regular cleaning. Keep in mind that this flooring has its perks and is still superior in that it will be easy to make it look brand new again by spot cleaning it.
It is important to take the client through each stage of the process, so they have a more informed understanding of how timber works. We offer extensive knowledge to help customers choose the best timber wood flooring near me floor for their needs. That the product is correct to lay by checking pack labels for size and grade, damage that may have occurred in transit, board moisture contents, cover widths and tolerances.

Installers/Sanders take care but cannot avoid missing walls altogether. For this reason we recommend painting of walls should be completed after the floor has been installed. The installer will recommend the most practical suggestion for the direction of the timber however he is happy to work with you if you prefer an alternate direction. Laminate Flooring– is an alternative to timber when wanting to achieve a timber look in your home but without the high cost of real timber.
Generally sanding marks should not be noticeable after coating, however if down lights are in place, it is possible to see fine “cobwebbing” sanding marks which cannot be avoided. Once sanding the floor commences, home owners need to vacate the site to enable the best possible coating finish. Having people walk across a floor during the sanding process increases the risk of contaminants from shoes getting onto the floor which can cause the coating system to reject. There will be times when the occasional mark or chip out of a wall will occur during the installation or sanding of the floor.

Most prefinished engineered boards use a thin layer of real timber on top of inferior lower layers of wood substrate. Because the top layer is so thin (2 – 3mm) it’s much easier to dry to the right moisture level and prevent climate related movement in the board. Pre-finished timber should be engineered to prevent movement of the board. Solid timber flooring is too difficult to keep flat, even when put through the proper kiln drying process. Solid timber is just too thick to get the moisture level right to prevent the movement of the board.
Solid timber floorboards need to be acclimatised to their environment to avoid the expansion and contraction of the wood. Solid timber flooring is a traditional style hardwood floor which is a solid piece of wood all the way through. Solid timber flooring is often installed in its raw form which means the timber will need to be sanded down and polished once installed. This engineered construct is available in five different timber species, all of which feature a 15mm board thickness comprising a 4mm solid timber wear layer on a strong plywood backing. Installation methods are suited to direct sticking over a sealed concrete base, or fixing to plywood, particleboard or existing timber floors. Hurford Flooring Elegant Oak’s Engineered Timber in Raw colour is a pale, airy flooring style with a simple stain.
Oil finishes penetrate into the timber where as other finishes sit on top of the timber. The result is a more rustic and true timber finish with the colour darkening a little as compared to other finish types. A challenge with this finish has been how easy it is to scratch the surface. However, scratches are easily repaired with this coating, Scratches on polyurethane coatings often require a complete sand of the floor to repair damage in one section.

An unfinished floor will have only had its surface sanded before it makes its way to your home. Are you after a more natural look, something to give an antique vibe, or perhaps a fresh, modern satin lacquer floor is the order of the day? This handy flooring finish guide will tell you all you need to know when choosing a look that is right for your home. We top grade the surface area of all floors to showcase the most aesthetical parts of the log on your floor.
In addition, the feet of all furniture must have felt pads or protectors applied. Heavy items of furniture need to be carefully positioned without dragging. Curtains or blinds should be used to protect floor areas from intense sunlight, whilst door mats are an effective means of trapping grit which can scratch floor surfaces. Raw Engineered Oak flooring has the same structure and dimensions as the prefinished product , however it is designed to be stained and finished on-site.

Engineered flooring, also known asengineered plank, orengineered floorboardsis your only other choice for quality wood flooring or a floating floor aside from solid timber flooring. Engineered flooring boards have a top layer of timber which is bonded onto an engineered base which is generally formed from veneers of wood layers or composite wood with adhesives. The result is a floorboard that is is actually stronger and more durable than a solid hardwood plank.

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