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Herringbone Floors

Regular vacuuming, mopping and cleaning with an approved wood floor cleaner will keep the floor in top condition for years. Besides, the natural ageing of solid hardwood floors lends to greater authenticity. We at Barefoot Timber Flooring, are the masters of parquetry floors in the region. This is a flooring technique where we use small timber pieces and arrange them in such a way that we can create a decorative pattern, that is geometric. The result of such work is the mind-blowing combination of the outright charm that one gets from a timber floor and artistry that exudes opulence. Parquet or Parquetry flooring is usually referred to in Australia as a Herringbone wood floor.
Sure, we know that beauty differs from person to person, but we believe in finding the design solution that’s tailored uniquely to you. Citybeach offers sanding and restoration service staining kitchen bench herringbone flooring sydney tops, polishing commercial bars restaurant tables and chairs, island bench tops, dining tables etc. If installing a raw block to site stain and finish, the sanding technicians also need to be up to the task.

The installation base is the same as those of laminate or parquet floors, with the many elements of the chevron structure already pre-assembled. The Intenso range captures the chevron pattern in the form of large planks, simplifying the installation process. Since established in 2008, FLOORTEX has placed product quality as the focal point of their business. As the most practical flooring solution, BEAU FLOOR Laminates flooring design and quality are the result of 20 years of expertise in manufacturing. Because of its astonishing beauty and symmetry, herringbone has always been one of the most sought after wood flooring patterns. Besides the artistic design, Luxury Hybrid Herringbone has all the advantage that Hybrid flooring have such as 100% waterproof, anti-abrasion, easy to maintain, cost effective etc.
The result is a beautiful floor which is a feature in your home, not just a floor covering. These patterns are great in any area of your home, even to make a narrow space appear broader and its geometric design will give character and personality to any property, from traditional to modern homes. This flooring pattern reveals the exquisiteness of the wood and the style and contrast of your space.

Our dedicated team of experts are here to share our knowledge and expertise with you, to create a flooring solution that will compliment your desired space. Vinyl flooring is a highly versatile flooring choice that works well in a variety of applications. Whether you want the appearance of tile, natural stone or hardwood flooring, you can find an attractive and affordable option that offers all the low-maintenance benefits of vinyl. Patterned floors have been used in France for centuries to add a quality of elegance and sophistication to their indoor spaces. Herringbone laminate flooring is a way to achieve this luxurious feel in your own home for less.
Combining modern technology with ancient methodology, Enoak engineered oak flooring harnesses the technical mastery of professional Parqueters, while imbuing the sensibility of modern designers. The De Marque 15/4mm Parquetry Oak planks are manufactured from sustainable Real Oak timber combining a 4 mm solid Oak wear layer engineered onto a 11 mm plywood substrate. This trusted method of construction provides a long wearing, stable and durable floor with a finished thickness of 15mm. The De Marque 21/6mm Parquetry Oak planks are manufactured from sustainable Real Oak timber combining a 6 mm solid Oak wear layer engineered onto a 15 mm plywood substrate.
Your new AFS Kronotex Laminate Floor has been designed with low maintenance in mind. With a little routine care and regular maintenance, it is easy to look after your AFS Kronotex Laminate Floor. Available in a number of different on-trend shades, this style of flooring lends itself from classically styled Retro, Art Deco and Art Nouveau to more contemporary Brooklyn or even Industrial interiors.

Boral’s parquetry, which comes in a block style, starts at $51 per square metre. Installation will range from $30 to $50 per square metre based on the complexity while sanding and polishing will cost an additional $30-$35 per square metre. While herringbone flooring can be installed as a DIY project, it may be best left to the professionals.
If you’re a lover of timber flooring it’s more than likely you also have an appreciation for parquetry. The flooring sometimes better known for it’s most popular patterns, Herringbone and Chevron, is an enduring classic that is considered a premium product choice. Como – A nod to the timeless Italian beauty that’s prompted many a move, these European Oak timber floors invite a sense of luxurious grandeur into each space. Purposefully designed for larger homes, the extra-long and ultra-wide wooden floorboards are sure to make an entrance. Parquetry is precision-milled and is designed to be glued down over a solid, flat subfloor. It can be installed over concrete, over a plywood or particleboard subfloor or over old timber floors.

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