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After indulging in some world-class shopping, guests can buy tickets on the 5th floor for the observation decks on the 88th and 89th floors for an incredible 360-degree view of the city. But don’t worry, you won’t have to take the stairs – a pressure-controlled lift will get you there in 40 seconds flat. You will take a walk along Shakadang Trail or Lushui Trail, where the crystal clear blue water of Liwu River is running beside you. This river has cut through the marble over millions of years, and created the deep, narrow gorge. Ci-en Pagoda was built by Chiang Kai-Shek in memory of his mother in 1971.
This afternoon, visit Tamsui – a laidback waterfront town on the northern part of Taipei city. Enjoy lunch today at Tamsui Old Street, where you can feast on many famous Taiwanese snacks. This elegant building is built in the style of prosperous houses in China’s Fujian province, where many Taiwanese migrated from, and the paving stones 台東市名產 in the courtyard were once ballast in merchant ships. In the evening, explore the bustling night life of Taipei. Emerging from military dictatorship in 1987, Taiwan has become a thriving democracy. But what really makes visiting Taiwan such a pleasure is the friendly outlook of the 23 million people who call the island home.

In addition, there is a statue of Wang Yang Ming, the famous Chinese scholar in the 17th century. As in many Asian countries, night markets are a staple of Taiwanese entertainment, shopping and eating. Night markets are open-air markets, usually on a street or alleyway, with vendors selling all sorts of wares on every side. Many bargains can be had, and wherever prices are not displayed, haggling is expected. In the larger cities you will have a night market every night and in the same place.
The East Coast is the primary homeland of the Amis aboriginal tribe. Amis villages’ dot the coastline and the harvest festivals that they hold in July and August every year offer visitors an opportunity to gain insights into the culture of this unique people. Before the Amis settled here there were prehistoric peoples who came and went, leaving a rich store of artifacts and ancient sites that can still be seen today. Among the more modern cultural features of the coastline are enchanting temples, churches, and quaint fishing villages. This rich store of natural and cultural assets prompted the Tourism Bureau to establish the East Coast National Scenic Area in 1988, and to engage in the active development of the leisure resources here.

In Chiayi, it’s square cookies, also called cubic pastry, crispy layered cookies cut into squares and sprinkled liberally with sesame seeds. Tainan is particularly famous among the Taiwanese for its abundance of good food and should be a stop for all gourmands. Virtually every city has its own famous specialties; many Taiwanese tourists will visit other cities on the island simply to try the local foods and then return home. You’ll start with three nights based in Osaka followed by Nara and Kyoto – both cities are famous for their well-preserved ancient temples and monuments. Then visit scenic Hakone and sacred Mount Fuji, before two days in Tokyo for sightseeing, shopping, or your choice of a diverse range of optional activities. Today’s highlight is a visit to the Presidential Building and Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.
Breakfast at hotel, then we will drive to Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery, the most famous Buddhist sacred place of southern Taiwan. Continuing on, we will drive to Kaohsiung City, which is the second largest city of Taiwan. The tour will take you to Former British Consulate, Love River and Lio Ho Night Market. On the last day of our trek we cover about 25kms, reaching to the most beautiful Lake Khoton. Enjoy a miraculous view of the reflection of surrounding snow peaked mountains in the lake. Here you will be registered at the Border military base of Aral Tolgoi.

There are the concert of the world renowned three tenors, the decorative lamp festival, school bands performance, cheerleaders’ performance and fairs. One can pay respect to the historical great leader, as well as participate in the relaxation activities of local residents. The place provides a precious plain view among the tall buildings of Taipei. The only night market in Taitung for many years is the weekly night market on Sunday night, located on Siwei Road and Ren Ai Pai Xiaoqian Square. Zhengdong Road in Taitung City is famous for its fruit street in the daytime.
Almost all teachers apply for an ARC through their employers only after starting work and it is tied to their ongoing employment with that school. Therefore, if the teacher wishes to leave their employment, they will have to quickly find an alternative employer or lose their ARC and hence be required to leave Taiwan. Also, very few schools will arrange an ARC without at least a year-long contract being signed. Frankly, with all this inflexibility, it’s no wonder so many teachers opt for the non-legal route. There are a lot of pseudo health drinks in Taiwanese supermarkets and convenience stores.

The waterfalls characterized Taroko National Park and the most famous ones are Pai Yang Waterfall, Yin Tai Waterfall, Chang Chun Waterfall, and Lu Shui Waterfall. Yen Tze Kou and Chiu Chu Tung are the most impressive natural scenes in Taroko and the canyons here are the narrowest. Tourists can appreciate the natural beauty along the tour track. Swallows nest on the cliff, chirping and flying back forth.
The city is also famously Canada’s economic powerhouse, and in 2015, the population of the greater Toronto area topped six million people for the first time. In terms of construction and development, Toronto is experiencing a boom greater than any North American city other than New York. There is no menu and they cook whatever they find and buy that day. This morning we depart for Hualien via the East Coast and en-route enjoy the seacoast scenery which includes the Stone Steps, Caves of the Eight Immortals, Umbrella Rock, Sanhsientai and Rueisuei, etc. In Hualien City, we visit Taroko Gorge Gateway, Eternal-spring Shrine, Swallow Caves, Tunnel of Nine Turns, Tienhsiang Lodge and Marble Factory. Watch out for mosquito bites when hiking in the mountains.

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