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If the roof is too steep or fragile – period clay tiles for instance – the preparation is carried out using bespoke telescopic tools. Our tried and tested cleaning methods restore your roof to pristine condition and keep your roof looking good all year round. Reach Wash Cladding cleaning service for all kinds of buildings in Dartford.
The latter can lead to an overflow of water from your guttering system, which can cause severe structural damage. Using the latest cleaning technologies, we remove moss, lichen and algae from the roofs of all kinds of commercial properties. When a roof panel gets dirty, the dirt and algae accumulate at the panel joints where they pool water and retain moisture; this causes the coating to separate from the panel and corrode. Which can then result in expensive repairs which due to the lack of roof cleaning maintenance are excluded by standard warranties? Once moss has built upon the roof over time, the rain will loosen some of the moss causing it to fall into the guttering and blocking the drains resulting in the need for additional gutter cleaning.

Most roofs, like any part of a home, have a habit of getting dirty. have been cleaning gutters in the areas Dartford, Greenhithe and Darenth for more than 15 years, we are known for using the vacuum method and carbon poles to access and clean our customers gutters. Softwash cleaning is roof cleaning but without the use of pressure washing.
The use of ladders or scaffolding does away with any need to walk on a roof. Walking on a roof is dangerous, not only to the contractor but can damage your roof as well. With our lance technology, we can safely and thoroughly clean the entirety of your roof without having to take one step on it. You may not think it, but algae and moss can be quite harmful to certain roof materials in Dartford.

The roof cleaning process will remove all moss, algae, lichen and any other dirt residue that have contaminated your roof over time. Throughout the roof cleaning process our engineers will make sure that downpipes are protected, with the gutters fully cleaned out and left clear of any residue from the roof. Our roof cleaning is carried out using specialist professional pressure cleaning equipment. This means that the roof tiles will be fully deep cleaned in the minimum time possible with as little disturbance to you or you neighbours. However, our prices are cheaper than other gutter and roof cleaning companies in DA1.
We can clean pitched roofs and flat roofing as well as conservatory roofs. We provide a strong sealant that can protect your roof’s surface against weathering and will limit the regrowth of moss. All our roof cleaning services include the application of a long term moss inhibitor to prevent regrowth for at least months. The next step will be to give the roof a good brush off to make sure no scraps of debris are left. Finally we will treat the roof to a biocide,this will kill off any lichen and other organic growth, we apply this with a low pressure spray, again brush it in so we have a good even coverage. We finish the job with a good rinse, and hey presto your roof is nice and clean and moss free, no need to clear your gutters for some time to come.
While more visually attractive, uPVC roofline products are also more durable and require little to no maintenance, making them a cost-effective alternative. Locally based Dartford roofers will probably have the phone code and the postcode DA1. A minimum of 48 hrs notice must be provided to the local council if over fifty percent of the surface area of the roof is going to be replaced. It makes no difference if such work is on account of the age of the roof, is for cosmetic purposes or is due to accidental damage.

It is important to us that we provide 100% customer peace of mind and satisfaction. In this brief video we do a side by side comparison of pressure washing a roof over steam cleaning a roof. As roof cleaning specialists in one of the questions we are commonly asked is ‘can I pressure wash my roof? Once you call a roof cleaning company, an inspection team will visit your home in Kent to assess the situation and look into different factors.
Keep your guttering and roof drainage system working as it should – thus protecting the eaves section. Welcome to Ashcott Cleaning Services with over 50 years combined experience in window cleaning and other domestic cleaning. We are a reputable and experienced cleaning service in the Kent and South East area. Tarmac restoration and repairs in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Croydon. Decking cleaning and oiling in Dartford, Bexleyheath, Orpington and Gravesend. Pressure cleaning for residentail and commercial properties in Kent, Surrey and South East London.
Your roofing plays a crucial role in protecting your home from water. Roofing is designed to allow surface water to flow into your gutters. As an area that is generally exposed the rainwater and sunlight it can become a prone breading ground roof moss removal dartford for moss. A collection of moss will only aid in the collection of water thus making your roof vulnerable to damage and leaks. Our roof cleaning service will ensure your roof is moss free and remains moss free for as long as possible.

If your roof is relatively easy to reach, such as with bungalows, ladders can safely be used to do the job. The truth is, it doesn’t cause any harm to the roof and unless you have solar panels up there, it’s not something to worry about. That being said, it looks terrible, your neighbors are probably sick of the sight and if you have any respect for your roof, you’ll consider doing it a favour! Algae is a very common term that describes multiple organisms which require photosynthesis as nutrition. When it comes to the algae on your roof, this is known as Gloeocapsa Magma which has a bizarre ability to hold up a protective shield as protection from UV radiation. What’s more, this blue-green algae is a “colony” which enables it to thrive in areas that most algae cannot even survive.
Moreover, most homeowners do not have the necessary equipment or the desire to attempt roof cleaning themselves. This means that employing the skills of a professional roof cleaner is the best option whenroof cleaning moss removalis required. It’s also one that will keep your roofing in good condition and protect your wallet from having to pay for roof replacement. Roofing typically lasts from 20 to 50 years, depending on the materials. But it does require routine maintenance such as cleaning to ensure that issues of moss, algae, and lichens are not growing unchecked.
We can clean all types of roofing, including Corrugated, Asphalt Shingles, Wood Shakes, Metal Tiles, Ceramic Tiles. Cleaning roofs with power washing would be a very easy option to choose because it’s faster and easier for us, but we know it’s not in our customers best interests and that’s why we don’t do it. After cleaning we apply long lasting inhibitor to prevent moss regrowth. Roof Cleaners in Dartford, Crayford, Bexley, Greenhithe, Darenth, Bean. When all repairs are being taken care of, we can apply a roof sealer to ensure protection for your roof from further decline.

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