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Why Educate A Change For O Level and IGCSE

Preparation for O Level and IGCSE can be very difficult for students. They have to cover numerous topics, make notes, surf for video lectures, and solve past papers. Despite completing all these steps, the student may still lack the knowledge of certain tips and tricks crucial in securing a perfect grade. For example, how to manage time for a particular subject? How to attempt a question? Can I do a self-study? All these issues can ruin the final grade. However, students no longer need to worry about their educational success in O Level and IGCSE. The renowned world record holder, Hunain Zia, has started an excellent website that provides perfect guidance for O Level, IGCSE, and A-Level. The website is up at

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Who is Hunain Zia?

Hunain Zia reached limelight when he broke multiple world records back in 2017. He currently holds more than 11 world records in the field of education. He has secured the most A and A star grades and has done so in minimal time. Currently, he has 66 A and A stars and 154 total A grades in CAIE O Level, IGCSE, A-Level, and Edexcel GCSE and IAL exams. He also has seven distinctions (major ones) and 12 minor distinctions. These distinctions also include top across multiple subjects.
Additionally, Hunain Zia is nearing the completion of his Accounting Degree from the US, while also pursuing Chartered Accountancy. He is currently the World Record holder in O and A Levels. Thus, he is the right person to trust when preparing for O Level and A Level exam. You can reach Hunain Zia at

What is Educate A Change

Educate A Change is a revolutionary online free and affordable education project started by Hunain Zia. The project determines to reduce the cost and make education accessible to everyone. Educate A Change offers two main aspects: highly affordable courses and free education. The free education section is full of preparatory material, tips, tricks, information, guidelines, and notes for all subjects students. Anyone can view this section.
On the other hand, the paid courses are offered at the rate of ONE TIME PAYMENT of fewer than 10 dollars for the course’s complete seven months. Crash courses cost almost 9 dollars for the complete two months. The best part – Hunain Zia teaches and supervises the courses of every subject himself! He marks the assignments and provides feedback as well. It is like the best solution for online preparation of O level and A-Level courses.


This is the best opportunity for students. Don’t waste your time with anyone else. Check right now and learn the best way!

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