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Dr. Benjamin Paul is a double board certified Facial Plastic and Hair Restoration Surgeon who practices in Manhattan. According to estimates form the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 40 million men and 20 million women experience hair loss In 2003, 31,737 people, 88% of them men, underwent hair transplants; up 9% from 2002, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
His nearly 12,000 sq ft standalone clinic has been labelled by the industry as The Hair Hospital” and as a full time hair restoration surgeon he is tirelessly and passionately working at improving his results and the patient experience, even after personally treating over 20,000 patients and performing more than 8,000 hair transplant procedures.

Famous for its development in South Korea and supported by the leading company in the German biopharmaceutical sector, Dr. Niedermaier, ZAOL Doctor’s Order operates on transforming skin from the inside out, handling the scalp with specific nutrients to regenerate hair follicles, optimizing good skin development.
Hair restoration services, such as hair transplants, eyebrow restoration, female hair restoration, and beard restoration, as well as aesthetic services, like CoolSculpting®, BOTOX®, dermal fillers, cryotherapy facials, and more, are customized to each patient.

Dr. Prasad’s TrichoStem system has become one of the most sought after alternatives to hair transplant surgery , often providing better and more natural-looking hair density, and managing progressive hair loss in a way which hair transplant surgery does not.
In addition to treating patients, Dr. Avram is a clinical professor of dermatology at the New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Medical College at Cornell Medical Center and has authored five textbooks on hair loss, hair transplantation, and cosmetic dermatology.
Top New York City Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Stoller has opened a modern mid-town Manhattan facility equipped with the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System , this state-of-the-art technology was created to eliminate the guesswork and fatigue associated with manual handheld methods, along with the scarring, complications and downtime of existing invasive surgical techniques.

As with the FUT procedure, the surgeon makes small holes in your scalp and grafts hair follicles into the holes. The term hair restoration refers to regrow or replace the hair using surgical or non-surgical options. And for 40 years men and women who have thinning hair and hair loss have come to Alfieri and have found out what you can now know.
The PRP for hair loss procedure performed by Dr. Unger is accomplished in a manner quite different to that of other doctors. Most patients have two to four transplants over a lifetime — either to double the density in the affected areas or to address additional hair loss down the line.

Hair restoration surgery in New York is ideal for both men and women seeking to restore hair growth. This approach involves our drawing a small amount of blood from the patient and then centrifuging it with specific medicines to concentrate the growth hormones and anti-inflammatory components of the blood.
It is important to understand that, in all hair restoration procedures, skill of the surgeon is as important as the precise surgical New York Hair Replacement Specialist method. Dr. Wolfeld has been a co-author on five medical publications specifically in the field of robotic hair transplantation.

To perform the non-surgical procedure, we place our system directly on top of the hair loss site to allow it integrate with your natural hair. With hair transplant surgery, it may take at least half year or even longer to see the results you desire in terms of hair density.

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