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Everyone in this country has rights. Accordingly, our Office concluded that the matters related to the disclosure and safeguarding of the complainant’s personal information were not well-founded while the matter related to the pardon services company lacking a privacy policy was well-founded and resolved.
However, our Office finds that there is no evidence that there was a disclosure of the complainant’s personal information by the Respondent, as provided for in Principles 4.3 online wills canada and 4.5. This finding is made despite the fact that the Employee could have accessed the complainant’s file and disclosed this information to her spouse, the Supervisor.

Part of this legislation changed the term pardon” to record suspension.” While many people are now searching for information on record suspensions” instead of pardons” it is important to understand that a pardon and a record suspension have the exact same effect.
On Friday, I and several of my colleagues sent a letter to Defense Secretary Esper requesting a meeting to discuss concerns we have with the military judicial process and to better understand the concerns he expressed about the President’s recent pardons.
Depending on the type of conviction you have and the length of time which has passed, the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (which is being merged into the new Department of Homeland Security on March 1, 2003) may require you to apply for a US Waiver.
It is difficult for our investigation to even comment on whether the complainant was treated this way because others had knowledge of his criminal youth record. Through pardons and waivers it is possible for a person with a criminal record to overcome their past and have a safe and dependable career in the trucking industry.

We work diligently with over 5400 government and community agencies to provide the most legitimate pardon services Canada has to offer. PardonServicesCanada needed a new logo design and created a contest on 99designs. It was great to personally thank Clint for his service to our country and celebrate the pardon he received from President Trump after the injustices he faced in the military judicial process.
The fee for a Local Police Records Check for a record suspension (formerly a pardon) is $55.00 (GST included) Canadian. A disclosure by the Employee to the Supervisor about the complainant’s youth criminal record is not the only possible explanation for how the complainant was treated by others in his workplace.

The Respondent advised the complainant in 2010 that no criminal record was found through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (« RCMP ») check. The fact that 5,800 Canadians are being told their pardon applications, which they already paid for, may not be processed is totally unacceptable.
Once a record suspension is granted, the Parole Board of Canada will contact the courts, federal and local police departments to remove this information from their files. As explained by the Respondent, the Employee works on files for American clients, not Canadian clients, and therefore would have no reason to consult the complainant’s file.

Pardon Services Canada has changed the lives of tens of thousands of Canadians by expertly assisting with Record Suspensions, U.S. Entry Waivers, and providing other services such as fingerprinting and criminal record checks. The Criminal Records Actremoves all information about the conviction for which you received the pardon from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).
To apply for a pardon, get in touch with our application consultants by email or via phone and they will guide your through the process. Whether or not you need a US Entry Waiver depends on the type of offence on your record. The Respondent further advised that it only retained a copy of the completed checklist in the complainant’s file to document the services provided by the Respondent.

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