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Brick Manifacturer In Cape Town

Proud member of the Clay Brick Association Of South Africa. Pine Roofing Timber, Laminated Beams, Insulation, Roof sheets, Roof Tiles, Roof Slates, Fascia & Barge Boards, Brackets & Fixings, Carport & Patio Posts, Gutters (PVC), Hardware, Celing Boards & Accessories, Soffit Boards, Doors & Windows, Bricks, Blocks, Cement, Sand & Stone, Shutter Board & Decking Board, San-Ware & Plumbing.
In his 2011 book City of Extremes, Martin J. Murray, a US-based scholar of urban practices, notes how the site of brick-making activities in early Johannesburg quickly became the main point of entry into the local urban economy, attracting a hybrid and cosmopolitan mixture of expectant newcomers to the city, including peripatetic Europeans seeking a fresh start, along with itinerant Africans, Assyrians, Chinese, Indians, Peruvians and so-called Cape Malays looking for work”.

In his hoary anthropological account, Among Congo Cannibals (1913), the missionary John H. Weeks writes how following the death of a heirless leader from Ngombe Lutete, in southern DRC, he was buried with his property in a wood coffin in a vaulted and paved grave made of 3000 bricks.
Far from being just a building material, bricks are now understood to be materially resonant signifiers of place, markers of an authentic post-war Paving Bricks Johannesburg vernacular architecture style, tools of violence and, come 1990, readymade cultural artefacts worthy of display in a gallery.

The company’s latest project involves collecting and recycling bottles and various plastic materials to make the eco-bricks. PEDREGAL began testing the use of EcoArena in their CMU concrete blocks, having achieved successful technical results and compliance with international standards.
Having partnered with the major brick manufacturing brands in South Africa, We are able to deliver affordable, high quality professional Clay Brick Paving projects to our private and commercial clients. Brakkefontein Clay Products (Pty) Ltd acquired the Gauteng company (Apollo Brick (Pty) Ltd), reuniting the two operations.
That’s why we’re the first choice in brick and block testing for construction clients across the globe. Salvaging old bricks for resale is not an unusual occupation in South Africa, where a functioning formal economy exists in parallel with other precarious forms of survivalist capitalism.

All our products are manufactured with the highest quality materials specially designed and manufactured to service the cement brick and block manufacturing, storage and transit industries. In South Africa, there is an established and sophisticated cement industry.
Technicrete has a wide range of quality paving, masonry, retaining wall and erosion protection blocks available for domestic applications. We pride ourselves on our dedication to producing high-end affordable and quality face bricks and unparalleled customer service.
It is from these development experiences in the brick industry that we manufacture the products which are practical and economical to use. Cement and concrete are one of the most essential and cheap building materials, as well as their many derived concrete materials like for example, ready mix concrete, cement blocks, concrete bricks, concrete columns or concrete tiles.

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